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DSII: Dedicated to Providing Quality Sales & Service Since 1973

Rig Manufacturing

Drilling Structures International Inc. is an API 4F certified manufacturer of masts, substructures, and crown assemblies. Our goal with every order and for every client is to provide oilfield products and services that not only satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements, but also rather, to provide products that elevate the very standard of work in our industry. This is achieved by catering to our customers’ specific needs and by exceeding each customers requirements and expectations.

To do this, we apply our vast years of experience and technical know-how to create innovative and industry-leading solutions for the most challenging of drilling needs. We use US steel and only the best third party parts or equipment; we strive to continually improve our effectiveness through our Quality Management System, monitoring our performance, and leadership; and we guarantee our work with one-year structural warrantees on every rig that we deliver.
Rig Services

DSII offers a full spectrum of rig services including installation, maintenance, inspection, and repairs. Our inspectors are qualified by many years of practical oilfield experience and can perform on-site annual inspections of masts and substructures. When repairs are needed our inspectors will develop a list of materials necessary to complete the repairs and bring the structure to good working condition. DSII’s inspectors will then remain at the rig to supervise repairs using certified materials and skilled workers.

When drilling operations are effected unexpectedly, our service departments are on call 24/7.
Our staff can be deployed quickly using our private jet to get to your rig location fast, assist the crew in resolving the situation promptly and safely. Our goal is to get your site and operations back up as soon as possible. DSII’s service department is dedicated to providing our customers with the most efficient, complete, safe, and professional services possible. Just like our manufacturing, DSII’s rig services are synonymous with quality, integrity, and reliability.

Many people know Drilling Structures International, Inc. for our four decades of experience designing, manufacturing, inspecting, and repairing superior quality drilling rigs and rig systems for the oil and gas drilling industry. Many people however are unfamiliar with the many manufacturing projects DSII undertakes each year for customers outside of the drilling business.

Our capacities for engineering, metal fabrication, and welding are enormous. DSII provides
large-scale industrial construction and modular fabrication to customers in a variety of areas and industries. We can accommodate a wide range of needs including large steam generators, industrial boilers, coal processing equipment, API storage tanks, offshore structures, furnaces, and many more. With extensive and sophisticated fabrication facilities, a highly-skilled labor force, and our experienced management team, DSII stands out from others in our industry. DSII provides high-tech, cost-effective, safe, timely, and superior quality solutions, and we’re the right partner for you next project.


It is our belief that in this industry you have to put quality in to get quality out. That is exactly what we do at DSII. To us this means it takes masterful designs, highly skilled workers & engineers, and only top quality parts & materials in order to manufacture out high quality DSII rigs, our wide range of additional large scale fabrication and welding products, and to carry out our industry leading service.

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